Bark Scorpions are plentyful here in Austin, Texas, and its surrounding areas.

Termite swarmers are not the bad boys, they are a great way for us to know of their colony's presence.

Carpenter ants are almost as destructive as termites, but handled professionally can be eradicated .

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Monarch Services is an extremely proud, locally owned and operated full pest solutions company. Our commitment to our customers is catagorically what separates us from 'run of the mill' pest control companies. The time we take in servicing and monitoring your property for pests will result in a complete, clean, efficient, and most importantly, effective service! Our knowledge in this industry comes with great enthusiasm, passion, and an interest in pest solutions. Mother nature - in all her glory - can change at the drop of the hat and we make sure we are prepared for whatever she throws our way.

Check out the list of our services, and let us solve your pest problems!!

Here is a fine example of a serious bed bug infestation. With a little time, patience, and professionaly applicd material, these bugs can be evicted!

The Wolf spider is a very common sight all year long in Austin, Texas. Although ALL spiders are venomous to varying degrees of potency, this fast running, spooky looking critter is harmless to us.

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    We are a locally owned and operated, full pest solutions and managment company. We are Certfied applicators, licensed and regulated by the Texas Dept. of agriculture...and completely insured!

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    Austin, Texas 78729

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